Thursday, November 06, 2008

Olivia McClurkin, Gospel Vocalist, Passes Away

From a message on Black Gospel Promo:

The McClurkin Family Mourns the Loss of their Beloved Sister, Olivia McClurkin

Los Angeles, CA - One of gospel music's most powerful singers, Donnie McClurkin and his family mourns the loss of their sister, Olivia McClurkin. The second oldest sibling of seven children succumbed to a nine year battle with cancer on Tuesday, November 4, 2008. Not only will this day be recorded in the history books for the nomination of America's first African American President, but it will be recorded in the hearts of McClurkin's family and friends as the day she made her transition.

McClurkin was a dynamic vocalist who recorded with her siblings on two McClurkin Family Projects (Zomba Records), along with singing background for such artists as pop star Whitney Houston, gospel artists Pastor Andrae Crouch, Ron Kenoly and others.

Olivia McClurkin leaves behind a grandmother, mother, father, two brothers, four sisters, three daughters, nine grandchildren and a host of friends.

Funeral arrangements are as follows:

Olivia McClurkin's Home Going Service

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 7:00 pm

Perfecting Faith Church
311 N. Main Street
Freeport, NY 11520
(516) 223-8300


TBGB NOTE: We mourn the loss of a dynamic and talented singer, Olivia McClurkin, who in the words of her song, lived life "like it's golden." Our tears and support go out to the McClurkin Family.


Anonymous said...

Pastor McClurkin, I am so very, very sorry to learn that Olivia has left us. I was so hoping that she would live longer, but without the pain of the illness that as taken her body. However, I know that she has fought a very good fight and she is with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My prayers are with you and your family continually, and always.

a.s. said...

Heartfelt prayers and sympathy for the members of the McClurkin family from a special friend and brother in Christ. Olivia was not only a great talent, used by God, she was an inspiration. After God reclaimed my life from a hopeless state of desperation, she shared with me her testimony and of God’s redeeming grace and mercy. She spoke to me as a younger brother, and as I tested my wings and began to live life as God had always meant for me, her candor made one thing clear, that God CAN. She was so Godly proud of my getting married, she took time from her busy schedule to perform an original song at my wedding. May God bless and strengthen everyone in this trying time.

Anonymous said...

Olivia was believing God for her healing, but guess what.... she is now PERFECTLY HEALED!
God still gets all the glory!
To the McClurkin Family, you are in our thoughts and prayers.


According to the doctors, Olivia's life was to be shortened by a year or less? But, she believed, "The Report Of The Lord." Olivia did not lie down and die but chose life and because of her faith, God miraculously manifested His Life Healing inside of her for nine years. [Wikipedia's definition of Healing - assessed physically, is the process by which the cells in the body regenerate and repair to reduce the size of a damaged or necrotic area. Healing incorporates both the removal of necrotic (death) tissue (demolition), and the replacement of this tissue.] According to Olivia's video on CBN.COM, she had enough death cells inside of her to kill 15,000 people!!! Each day of her life was a day of healing! She surely encouraged many!!! God blessed us with His gift for 9 years extra!!!!HALLELUJAHHHHHHH!!!

Olivia's faith kept her strong, she had the spirit of endurance to the end. I'll never forget her dancing in church, now she'll be dancing in Heaven. God Speed to the family! Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints (faithful ones). Ps 116:15

EWM said...

We lost our dear sister 3 months ago to cancer. I can relate to your sadness. Yet, we know that Olivia and my sister are rejoicing around God's throne with their perfect healing. May God bless you and your family!

Anonymous said...


Bridget said...

May the God of Comfort, Comfort the McClurkin Family!!!!! Hold on to the unchanging hands of God! He will "surely" get the family through this trying time!!!! I remember Olivia's testimony, it revolutionzed my FAITH!!!! Let's all hold on to the memory, and keep her testimony ALIVE!!!!

Peace, Love, and Strength,


tiffany said...

To the entire McClurkin's Family:

Take comfort in knowing that those who died in Christ are only asleep.Olivia has left a mark in the lives of so many other women that will walk the same cancer journey that she did with hope in God knowing that He is a healer and a restorer. Her job on earth was completed and Heaven was callin her to place whers pain and desease can no longer enter her body.
My prayers are with you and know that God only takes the very best for himself.

God cares,

Anonymous said...

Olivia a.k.a Peanut

You will be missed and you have truly been a blessing since I met you. You fought a great fight and now you must rest.....We should all learn from you, I know I will!

And I know God is Walking Holding Your Hand Leading You On To A Better Place....

The Williams Family

kat said...

To The McClurkin Family,

It was a honor being able to meet Olivia and actually have her lay hands and pray for me, she truely has been an inspiration to me. My prayers go out to your family..

God Bless

Anonymous said...

sooooo sorry to hear about Olivia.I recently lost my sister Prophetess Ardelia Berry from complications of Lupus.She fought the disease for 17 years.She was a princess of God.She passed Jan.1st 2008.I know how you are feeling.There were 3 sisters and we sang together.A piece of our unit is gone,but God let us have her a long time,and now he wanted her with him.Olivia was a fighter,we knew her and worked with her.I live in Los Angeles.She use to live riht up the street from me.She was a warrior of God.I last saw her at Pastor Andrae Crouches Church.She had on military clothes.i loved it!

Elaine said...

There are no words to describe the pain of loss. Our lives are like rooms. When powerful people enter the room, they change the atmosphere. They do not necessarily have a title. They ARE the title. When they leave, there is an indelible impression of their essense in your heart. Olivia was such a person. The personified power of Jesus Christ indwelled her life as she walked by undaunted faith. May joyful memories and love shorten the sorrow.
Much love to the entire family,

Anonymous said...

To the Family,

You will see Olivia again! What a Joy in knowing that..we are now trying to get where she is. Praise the Lord!! Remember this -God gave you and additional 9 years with her-be thankful unto him! I love you with the love of the Lord.

Love, Dahl

Steve said...

Dear McCLurkin Family - I loved your sister Olivia so much. When she was here in Australia I took care of her and played keyboards for her for three years. Living in Brisbane, I have only just heard this news and I can't believe the great lady is gone. I know she's with Jesus now but it's going to take a long time to come to terms with this. Olivia was a great friend to me and also a mentor and there's not a day that's ever gone by without me thinking of her, giving thanks to God for her, and praying for her and her beautiful daughters and grandkids.
To the McClurkin family - all my love goes to you. May the peace of Jesus that passes all understanding be yours in Christ Jesus. Steve Harris, Brisbane, Australia.

Anonymous said...

To the McClurkin family. You do not know me im from S.A. but i was so blessed by the music of Past. Donnie McClurkin and his sisters ministering in song as well as his Dvd of his visit to Port Elizabeth where his sister, Olivia also appeared.I also watched you on TBN and I specifically remember her testimony once one TBN-Africa.I only learned of her passing during your Live Praise the Lord programme on TBN-Africa last night, 2009.01.19. May Adonai comfort your family.God bless you.
From:Veronica -Port Elizabeth,S.A.

Anonymous said...

Sign up for Andrae Crouch Fan Club on Facebook today and send him your love! Pray for him to for complete and total and perfect healing in Jesus Name…………Amen! He would LOVE to hear from you and memories that you have of him, new and old!

Thank you in advance!!!

Linda Joyce Brown said...

God Bless Beautiful Olivia McClurkin! She is with Our Heavenly Lord now! She has fulfilled all of her Earthly obligations and will no longer endure pain and suffering! Pastor McClurkin our Prayers and Love go to you and your beloved family! We love listening and watching you in NYC! Again, we love you. Your beautiful sister is loving and watching over your family with Our Lord and Savior! Hallelulah!

Anonymous said...

Actually, just got to know about Olivia McClurkin after listening and watching the video of "As long as there's you" . . .
I guess our sister (elder soldier) has gone to be with the Lord where there shall no longer be fights and she'll not only view the beatiful sights but also enjoy the never ending presence of her maker, savior and friend.
Even though a loss to us all, we must keep fighting untill we win. May God again comfort the mcclurkin family.