Friday, May 22, 2009

"Awesome God" - The Brown Sisters

“Awesome God”
The Brown Sisters
From their forthcoming Kingdom Records CD
The Brown Sisters – Live In Chicago (in stores June 30, 2009)


The Brown Sisters of Chicago have appeared on television, performed around the country and internationally, and are among the city’s beloved musical treasures. DeLois Barrett Campbell calls them “sweethearts,” and they certainly are. Despite their many accolades, the Brown Sisters have yet to release a commercially available recording, but the wait is over. The Brown Sisters – Live in Chicago, will be in stores by the end of June 2009.

“Awesome God,” the first single from the album, is a blending of the Brown Sisters’ rich harmonies and expressive vocals with the praise and worship style for which Kingdom Records is so well known. Look to hear much more from this dazzling group.


Anonymous said...

The Brown sisters muic is truely a bless from the Lord it has "spiritural strenght" in the words of there songs.. thank you and continue allow THE LORD OF THE HARVEST BLESS HISS PEOPLE.......

Anonymous said...

I love your song, Awesome God, its truly a blessing to listen to, the words in the are so touching. I listen to it all the time and it moves me everytime I hear it. Because truly, Gods is an Awesome God. All of you are very annointed and gifted, I can hear the annointing in your voices. Thank you for an incredible, uplifting Song. May God's Blessing continue to fall on you always.

Anonymous said...

Truly,the Brown Sisters are a awesome blessing, as previously stated and I echo again the annointing in their voices as they sing praise to "Awesome God". This song is nothing short of praise and worship,and giving God all the glory that is so rightfully desire. He is king of kings, prince of peace and glory, and I am go honored to glorify His holy name. Brown Sisters, much continued success and may God rain showers of blessings on you all in spreading His gospel.

Marcia D. Gibbs said...

This song is a song that ministers to God's people. Not only will it allow you, but will help bring you into his very presence. Careful when listening to this testimony by way of worship it could and will give you a grand experience of who God is as it's ministered. You will have the erge to bow, the desire to worship, and the will to yield while listening. Thank you Brown sisters this powerful true song is more than a blessing.