Sunday, September 06, 2009

"Drug Free Me" - Trodigy

“Drug Free Me”

Trodigy is a five member Christian band from Las Vegas whose name means “Trinity led prodigies.” Armed with electric violin, guitar, bass, drums and keyboard, the group tosses everything but the kitchen sink into their stylistic mix. The lyrics address real-life issues with no sugar coating or commercial hooks.

On the group’s single, “Drug Free Me,” the message is as simple as the music is complex. Eschewing traditional song structure, Trodigy creates a multi-faceted and ever-changing rhapsody as the format to get its point across.

The opening and attention-getting stanzas, about choosing between a life of wrongdoing or a life of salvation, are recited starkly by group member Nika. Electronic dance music then swirls and cools into an ambient background behind hip hop lyrics and rap interludes. The piece concludes with a haunting ballad sung by female vocalists Jerrquisha and Chrystal. The overall impression is of several distinct but connected musical vignettes linked by a singular message of seeking spiritual life vs. spiritual death.

To be appreciated fully, Trodigy is, I suspect, a group to be seen as well as heard.

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