Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Love You I" - Emmitt Nevels, Jr.

“Love You I”
Emmitt Nevels, Jr.
From the 7-Places album Love You I (2009)

The title of Elder Emmitt Nevels’ song sounds like Yoda from Star Wars professing his devotion, but it actually works in the context and arrangement of the lyrics. “Love You I” is a simple melodic love song to the Savior. It’s fresh, modern, crisp and electric, a blend of Christian pop and contemporary gospel. Backed by swirling breathy background vocalists and an acoustic pulsing beat, Emmitt’s sugar-sweet falsetto sells the performance.

Youngstown, Ohio-based COGIC member Emmitt Nevels is a singer, songwriter and kin biologically (and musically) to the fabulous Nevels Sisters (“Beautiful”) for whom he also writes.

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