Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Preacher Kids: Jesus is their Rockstar

The Preacher Kids

To Kris Kristofferson, Jesus was a Capricorn. To the Art Reynolds Singers, Jesus was just alright. Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers sang that Jesus was a friend until the end.

To The Preacher Kids, Jesus is their rock star.

The Preacher Kids is an ensemble of young adult men and women who blend electronic beats, rap, hip hop, rock, new age, R&B and dance music into their own distinctive sacred expression. “Rockstar” metaphorically summarizes the group’s credo: “Jesus is my rock star and I am his groupie.”

Explains the group’s leader Brian Taylor, “The formula and motto for our music is ‘God's Word + Today's Sound.’ We want to make up-to-date music that competes with everything (secular and religious) that is out today.”

What distinguishes The Preacher Kids from many other urban Christian groups that use similar musical contrivances is that the lyrics are relevant, the melodies are bright, and the arrangements and production are fresh, brisk and compelling. Each of the five tracks I heard was equally strong and powerful, though “Pray” had the most potent combination of melody and ambience and cries out for a house-style remix.

Taylor manages the Atlanta-based group from Los Angeles, which can complicate things, but he says they take a “divide and conquer” approach: “We all perform the same songs individually, but come together for some performances.”

The Preacher Kids sing with such urgency you might think the fate of the world rests on their shoulders. Maybe it does.

You can find their music on iTunes.

gPod Picks: “Rockstar,” “Pray,” “Feed the Faith,” “I’m Blessed,” “Rescue Me.”


Crystal said...

This group is very dynamic and you can tell all of the members are true believers in the Lord. Although I like all of the songs, my favorite, Rescue Me, never ceases to uplift me in times when I have wavering faith. Keep up the good work and continue to make music for the Kingdom. God Bless!

JD0gg said...

This is GREAT Brian.. Man I'm rockin' the tunes in my RIDE everyday. Stay Blessed

JD0GG from the iYAM Family

Wilmonia said...

I LOVE The PK's. I've seen them perform and they go all out. Wonderful! Shoutout to ACE!!

Kahlil said...

I know thats right Brian!! Congratulations my friend! I'm very excited for how God has been blessing you! I'm absolutely looking forward to seeing what ALL that God has in store for you...(we'll have to collaborate on some projects soon too - Lol =)

Jurien said...

Yo B. Love ya work man!
I know since we got back from L.A. we never had much contact. So I just wanted to wish you all the luck in world.

Say hello to everyone out there for me aight!

Greetz from Da Dutch Boyz in the Netherlands.


omega said...
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