Friday, January 08, 2010

"(God is God) He Won't Change" - Rev. F.C. Barnes feat. Darrell Luster

“(God is God) He Won’t Change”
Rev. F.C. Barnes feat. Darrell Luster
Atlanta International Records 2009

The leisurely step beat eases in as Malaco’s gospel A&R director and quartet singer Darrell Luster (left) announces, “We’re goin’ to take you back old-school.” He introduces gospel legend Rev. F.C. Barnes (right), and together they sing in the congregational Baptist Blues tradition. Think Regina Belle’s “God is Good,” but slower and with a touch of quartet swing.

Change may be in the air, but Luster and Rev. Barnes remind us that God is God, no matter what. Whether doctor, lawyer, parent, provider, God is God.


Brenda Pounds said...

I want lyrice to od is God he won't change

Bob Marovich said...

Brenda, go to because they would have the sheet music to this song. Bob