Saturday, August 07, 2010

"I Believe" - James Fortune, Shawn McLemore & Zacardi Cortez

“I Believe”
James Fortune, Shawn McLemore & Zacardi Cortez
From Kerry Douglas Presents Gospel Mix Volume IV
Blacksmoke Music Worldwide 2010

On “I Believe,” James Fortune blends his plaintive preacher voice with Shawn McLemore’s soaring tenor (“You Are Holy”) and the explosive vocals of Zacardi Cortez (“The Blood”) to deliver a mighty message of hope and encouragement. Fortune’s vocal group FIYA fortifies the background as the three men sing and shout that "it's going to get better" because “your blessing is already done.”

And if you can’t believe this high-octane power trio, who can you believe?

Fans of James Fortune and FIYA will especially enjoy this new single because it is performed in the fiery evangelistic speaking-singing style for which the group is well known.

On August 31, 2010, you will be able to hear as well as see these gentlemen sing when the latest installment of Kerry Douglas’ Gospel Mix (Vol. 4) is released on CD and DVD.


Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait until the CD is released so that I can get "I Believe". This song is so touchingly beautiful. The message is so uplifting and awesome. God was defininitely working. All of you did an amazing job with this song. I believe this one will be another great hit. May God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

This song has really blessed me. It speaks to my heart in such a real way. I am determined to please God in spite of circumstances. "I Believe" is a song of encouragement. God truly did speak to James Fortune to speak to the world through this song.

mdoylejohnston said...

I was going through something and I was asking GOD to work it out for me.But it didn't seem like I was getting a sign from GOD telling it was going to be alright.And one day a DJ by the name of Joe Joe,From Praise 94.9 here in New Orleans put that song on and it was like GOD giving me the sign that I needed.I can't wait till the CD comes out.Please release it before Aug.31, 2010.

Crunk Beats said...

This song is really very nice. It simply touches my heart.

Val Lloyd said...

The first time I heard this song I was on my way to church and desperately needed to hear a word from God that the storm in my sister's life would be over soon. She was a woman of great faith and had been fighting for her life with cancer for almost four years despite the fact that she is not with us today she is still healed of this ugly and deadly disease. God healed her on the other side. She lived a beautiful life here on earth and now she is living a more beautiful life in heaven with my mother and other sister Bianca. God is true of his Word and He always comes through for His children.

This song will always be dear to my heart.

Anonymous said...

One of the most powerful, touching songs that has hit the scene in a
while. It reminds of the songs
the Williams Brothers used to do. Marvin Sapp's "Never could have made it" was powerful in itself but truly, "I belive" is inpsiration to a troubling soul. It stops you where you and meets you where you are. It speaks to your heart, spirit,your soul and your destiny.