Friday, August 06, 2010

"Lord, You've Been Good" - JAIA

“Lord, You’ve Been Good”
From the CD Just As I Am (2010)

Oklahoma City’s gospel sweethearts Lynda Knox and Lisa Davis, better known as JAIA (Just As I Am) are taking South Africa by storm with their infectious enthusiasm that seeps through in their singing.

While South African gospel remains true to its close-harmony Zulu roots, the people there do enjoy American-style gospel, the more soulful the better, including SA-based groups like the Christian Explainers who perform in the American style.

So it’s no surprise that a JAIA single heard on SA radio these days is “Lord, You’ve Been Good.” This praise song is a classic slow-burner – Aretha style – that builds in intensity and emotion until you can’t get it out of your head. Amandla!


Patricia said...

Great review Bob....

Thanks sooooo much for JAIA'ing!!


Patricia said...

Bob...great review!!

Thank you soooooo much JAIA'ing.

God Bless...

lynda said...

God is so Awesomeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!We are so grateful that our music is reaching people all over the world! Thank you Bob fo supporting Jaia and other great artist on the Black Gospel blog! We love you!!!! God bless!!! Lynda &Lisa.....Jaia!

Bob Marovich said...

You are very welcome -- keep up the great work taking gospel global!