Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Reign" - Eric Carrington

Eric Carrington
From The Eric Carrington Project, Vol. 2 – Amplified Prayze
Divine Line Records (2010)

Urban contemporary gospel artist Eric Carrington of Houston, Texas is back with the follow-up to The Eric Carrington Project, Vol. 1. – Relationship. This time the topic is “Amplified Prayze.”

“Reign” the first single from the new project, is a self-acknowledged head-bobbing praise outing. The background singers make full use of the play on words, asking God to send the rain/reign while chanting “I need your anointing/fall fresh on me.”

Eric weaves in and out of the mix, encouraging the singers and offering interjectory commentary. He then announces, “where I’m from, we do it a little something like this” and charms out the song's inner polyrhythms like snakes from a bottle.

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