Thursday, November 11, 2010

"He's Been Faithful" - Elder E.L. Williams

“He’s Been Faithful”
Elder E.L. Williams
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Elder E.L. Williams of Philadelphia is a bass who sings sub-basement notes with the ease of Jimmy Jones and Dickie Freeman while crooning like Bishop Charles Watkins.

In fact, after hearing him, Philly radio personality Linda Timmons of WHAT nicknamed the smooth-as-silk singer the “Barry White of Gospel.”

Although he is working on brand new material, Elder Williams is best known for “He’s Been Faithful,” a song he's sung for years.  It is a lushly orchestrated number in the style of a Broadway love ballad. Williams has the ability to melt hearts and save souls at the same time as he pours forth his love for Jesus. Comparisons to legendary Basie song stylist Joe Williams are likely to follow.

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