Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Mike Winans: “Home for Christmas” & “The Countdown”

“Home for Christmas” and “The Countdown”
Mike Winans
From the CD A Mike Winans Christmas: Timeless Noel
Doc Roc Entertainment, LLC (2010)

Mike Winans, songwriter and senior producer for Bad Boy Records and former member of Winans Phase II, has chosen the Christmas season to release his first solo CD.

Both singles from the CD, “Home for Christmas” and “The Countdown,” focus on the anticipation of the 25th Day of December and are fueled by Winans’ trademark electro-R&B energy.

“Home for Christmas” is not the 1940s chestnut but a new composition driven by smooth, mid-tempo polyrhythms. The message and introspection, however, are almost the same. The protagonist is weary of spending the holidays on the road and dreams of getting home to family and friends. One major difference: his dreams come true.

"The Countdown” opens with a snippet of “Carol of the Bells” and sustains the tick-tock beat as Winans anticipates Christmas Day. In the meantime, he encourages everyone to “dance like it’s Christmas day” and provides a thumping club beat to assist.

Watch TBGB later this week for an exclusive interview with Mike Winans.

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