Friday, February 25, 2011

"In the Middle" - Isaac Carree

“In the Middle”
Isaac Carree
From the Sovereign CD
Uncommon Me (2011)

Men of Standard alumnus Isaac Carree (“Simply Redeemed”) demonstrates an impressive capacity to sing gospel with plenty of urban R&B swagger on the clap-along single, “In the Middle.”

Written by Gerald and Tammi Haddon, the song has the distinctive Haddon bounce, while Carree relates the way to stop worrying and start living: no matter what happens, give praise “in the middle of it.”


Pastor J said...

Brother, That is my new Favorite SONG!!!! Thank you.
--Pastor Avery R. Johnson

Anonymous said...

Great song! Can't wait to hear the whole CD.

Nicole Dorrell is the King's kid! said...

Wow! As I am one who is in the shaping and molding stages with Jesus this songs makes me get up and praise Him with a dance EVERY TIME!!! Thank You so much for letting Him use you!

linda ingram said...

that is my theme song now

Anonymous said...

Excellent Choice....I Love It!!!

Anonymous said...

This song has really been a blessing in my life at this time! I play it constantly as a reminder to give him praise in the midst of any situation no matter how what you are feeling emotionly.

Anonymous said...

Just what I need at this time. WOW what a great song. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I like this song very much,It's a up lifting song no matter what I'm going through.Thank you Jesus.