Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Don't Rush, Just Wait" - Michael Anthony Johnson

“Don’t Rush, Just Wait”
Michael Anthony Johnson
From the CD Don’t Rush, Just Wait (2011)

Led by a steadily thumping R&B groove, the title track of gospel singer-songwriter Michael Anthony Johnson’s latest album is a tough-love plea to practice sexual abstinence before “you wish you had the power to rewind.” There’s a time for everything, Johnson says to men and women alike, “and early pregnancy will change you for a lifetime.”

Originally from Kansas, Johnson attended college in Dallas where he became part of the school’s traveling worship team. He visited many countries with the team, ministered to various cultures, and on Don’t Rush, Just Wait, is unveiling his life experiences through song.


shirlean johnson curry said...

Keep up the good works of god, he is doing wonderful things in your life. I love u and miss u so much. I wish I could talk to u more. Big sis always got your back.

Michael Anthony Johnson said...

Love you big sis. I promise to make time for you. lil' bro Michael Anthony Johnson (a.k.a. Mickey in KCK)