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Meet Joyce Spencer: “The First Lady of Jazz”

Wendy Pulliam
By TBGB Inspirational Jazz Correspondent Wendy Pulliam

Any jazz lover will appreciate the anointing on Joyce Spencer’s life and music ministry.  It’s evident when you listen to the relaxing sound of sweet Inspirational Jazz that flows effortlessly throughout her CD, Sweet Dreams, released in 2010 through HIM Record Promotions.

After a 20-year hiatus, Spencer, an independent artist, remains the quintessential jazz musician.  She has mastered the alto and tenor sax as well as the flute.  Her vocals on the CD leave the listener wanting more.  From the first note on the first track, “Keep It Simple,” Sweet Dreams will capture your attention and prepare you for a wonderful listening experience.

Who better to tell you about her project than The First Lady of Jazz Herself?

TBGB: Do you mind answering some questions?

JS: I'm happy to answer your questions.

TBGB: What instruments are you playing on the first two tracks of your CD?

JS: “Keep It Simple” - I'm playing alto sax, and “Sweet Dreams” - I'm playing soprano sax.

TBGB: I remember you said that the song, “Your Voice,” was a family song.  Is it safe to say that the entire project holds a personal meaning for you?

JS: “Your Voice” - although this song is personal, it's not the family song.  The track dedicated to my family is "You Touched My Life."  It is safe to say that my project holds a personal meaning: from family life, every day life (with all its trials and tribulations) and spiritual life.

TBGB: Why did you want to go back into music after raising your family; the answer is obvious because you’re anointed!

JS: Why did I go back to music? I have several reasons. Here are the main ones: My best friend, Alana Rhodes, reminded me that I really never lost the desire.  Even though I didn't pursue music for many years, I never really stopped talking about it.

I think it's timing, too.  Remember Moses?  Yes, my commitment to my husband and children had a lot to do with it.  But now that I realize I can be an independent artist and not sell my soul, and my husband is my manager and my partner, I just knew it was time.  I decided to stop waiting to be discovered and discovered myself.

Joyce currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her manager/husband LaDarien Spencer, and her children: daughter Ashley Spencer-Bauer and son Aaron Spencer.  If you’re in the Dallas area, Joyce frequently plays with Expressions, which includes H. Tyrone Walls (keys/band leader), James Ward (bass), Jay Stixx (drums) and Harry Jackson (lead guitar).  She is also the music director at Faith Missionary Baptist Church, and a member of Tony Key and The Faith Band.

You can find, sample, and buy Joyce’s music on the following sites:

Watch the “Sweet Dreams” video on

Five of Five Stars

Don’t just take my word for it: discover for yourself the sweet sounds of smooth inspirational jazz!

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