Monday, April 23, 2012

TBGB Pick of the Week: April 23, 2012

“In the Midst of a Storm”
Joe Russell, feat. Instruments of Praise
From the CD In the Midst of a Storm

On his new single, “In the Midst of a Storm,” Joe Russell sings about how Jesus rescues souls from troubled times.  

He’s supported by a delicious mid-tempo southern soul rhythm section, a Seventies Top 40 melody, and vocal assists from the groovy Instruments of Praise, who sound for all the world like the Hues Corporation.

Russell’s tunefully gruff, preacher-style vocal ladles a healthy helping of gospel credibility onto the message like thick gravy on potatoes.

The Seventies vibe of the single is no coincidence.  The Miami-raised Russell used to sing with a soul/R&B vocal group in South Florida called the Debonairs.

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kiki michelle said...

Love this song, Joe has a fantastic voice. Instruments of Praise has awesome harmony, can't wait for the CD