Monday, April 09, 2012

TBGB Pick of the Week: April 9, 2012

Anita Wilson
From the EMI Gospel CD Worship Soul (2012)

Chicago’s Anita Wilson describes the praise ballad “Speechless” as a “slow jam” that expresses how she adores God, even when all she can do is wave her hands.  

But Wilson has a voice here and, backed by strong musicians and background vocalists, she moves from prayerful and introspective to exuberant, in command of the song at all times.  She even tosses in a little Donald Lawrence at the conclusion, in loving tribute to her musical mentor.

“So many scriptures speak of being in awe of God,” Wilson said.  “He loves us so, even though we know we are a mess.  Every time I minister that song, I’m just looking up in the air and singing it to God as if He was right there.”

Written by producer Rick Robinson, “Speechless” was recorded live at the historic Fellowship M.B. Church, where Wilson serves as worship leader.

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