Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Alright" - Lowell Pye

Lowell Pye
From the forthcoming CD Transformed (release slated for Summer 2012)

“Alright” is a robust performance from robust-voiced gospel singer Lowell Pye. 

Pounding drums and clapping hands hammer out the rhythm of a Motown-esque performance that reminds listeners the Lord never reneges on His promises.  Especially when the world seems to be in upheaval, “He will make it alright.”

The Temptations/Motown sound makes sense: Pye, a former member of John P. Kee and the New Life Community Choir and Men of Standard, was raised in the Motor City

Written and produced by newcomer Sean Scales, “Alright” is from Lowell Pye’s forthcoming sophomore release Transformed.


CoffeeBien said...

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for posting this entry!!! I've been looking for this song for months - I heard it one time on the Yolanda Adams Morning Show, but could not recall the name of the artist or song. Peace and blessings! Naj

Bob Marovich said...

You are welcome, Naj - glad we could help you find the song you heard on Yolanda Adams' show!