Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Good Morning Jesus" - Theresa Noye

“Good Morning Jesus”
Theresa Noye
From the EP You Saw Me (2010)

Theresa Noye is promoting “You Saw Me,” a rock-fueled ballad celebrating Jesus’ care for His children, as her single. For my money, however, “Good Morning Jesus” is a stronger and more distinctive selection.

The beauty of “Good Morning Jesus” lies in its simplicity. This hushed anthem, with piano and string accompaniment courtesy of Stacey Harcum and Micah Jones, is ideal for Noye’s creamy smooth vocal delivery, but it could also be dynamite in the repertory of a traditional gospel singer. The song’s early morning worship feel has plenty of character and would make an appealing youth chorus selection.

Both songs, Noye says, draw “on my faith and my family’s incredible journey through autism with my son, Regal.” She serves as Chapel Worship Team Advisor and Resident Director at Eastern University in St. David’s, Pennsylvania.

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Webster Blades said...

Good Morning Jesus is what I sing when I greet the Lord Jesus Christ when I first awaken in the morning.
From her MOM