Friday, February 28, 2014

Macheeste' - Redemption

Tate Music Group (released Sept. 17, 2013)
Available on iTunes, Amazon, and other online retailers

By Bob Marovich for The Black Gospel Blog

Redemption is a fine debut CD from Maryland-based singer-songwriter Macheeste’ Malloy.  His elastic tenor voice, coupled with sunny, melodic melodies and buzzy electronica, evoke the popular gospel fusion of J Moss, Deitrick Haddon, and Vashawn Mitchell.

The album’s opening track, “How Could I Live,” gives the listener a quick summation of Macheeste’s musical palette.  This up-tempo song of effusive praise glides over a sugary blend of gospel, pop, rock, and R&B.  “Jodie,” a story song about a person contemplating suicide, is power CCM, while “Heaven Can’t Wait” gets a nuanced Latin treatment.  “New Creation” celebrates the spiritual redemption of a friend with a party-like mélange not dissimilar to OutKast’s rollicking 2003 smash, “Hey Ya!”

The lyrics feel personal, as if you are listening in on Macheeste’s most intimate thoughts.  For example, the deliberate “Though He Slay Me” finds the singer fiercely trusting in God while fighting the storms of life.   He traverses the same thematic terrain on “I Trust You.”  “Situations, circumstances spinning out of control," he sings, "but my faith outweighs my circumstance, so I won’t let go.”   

All of the songs are written by Macheeste’ with Kevin A. Younger, though “Jodie” is entirely Younger’s creation.  I could see Redemption being picked up by a major label because it combines crisp production with smart inspirational songs.

Four of Five Stars

Picks: “How Could I Live,” “Though He Slay Me.” 


jerrod Pinkett said...

Go head bro!!!

Keisha G. said...

So proud of you may God continue to bless. Maybe one day we can do a duo, you sing while I sign your song. ASL Rocks!

Keisha G. said...

So proud of you. May God continue to bless. Maybe one day in the future we can do a joint adventure, you sing and I sign. ASL Rocks!

Andrea Squire said...

Dreams DO come TRUE Cuz! SOOOOOO proud of you! CONTINUE to be LEAD
and DIRECTED by GOD! Love u!!

Jonathan Isaac said...

This album is purely dope!!! It has all the harmonies, blendings, and nuances that any true artist or music-enthusiast would enjoy ... whether a fellow indie artist, mainstream musician, or an everyday person who simply likes to jam hits while he or she drives!

This debut release has caused me to become and vow to remain a follower of the ministry and music of Macheeste! I believe others should take the challenge to listen and try not to do the same.


5 stars according to my ear!